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The Science Behind Mask Armour

The Science Behind Mask Armour

We are so excited to offer an all-natural product developed by medical experts based on scientific research to help combat the internal and external challenges that come with wearing masks for extensive periods of time. 

Mask Facts 

Did you know that the average human inhales and ingests millions of viruses every day? Viruses spread predominantly through airborne transmission, droplets excreted through coughs, sneezes as well as casual conversation in close proximity. Facial masks may inhibit some viral spread mainly by trapping large droplets that contain viruses and other pathogens, however the majority of airborne viruses and pathogens are able to permeate facial masks resulting in the possibility of contaminating  future hosts.  Furthermore facial and surgical masks do not eliminate or kill viruses that remain or pass through.

Enhance Mask Safety Naturally 

Mask Armour (patent pending) provides additional protection by coating the fibers of the mask with our proprietary combination of holistic plant extracts, seed oils and minerals. Mask Armour supports the facial mask’s antimicrobial function. 

How Does Mask Armour Work?

When applied to surgical or facial masks, Mask Armour will cover the fibers of the mask with an anti-bacterial coating that will help provide increased protection. This formula includes powerful elements like Zinc, which naturally contain incredible anti-viral properties. Additionally, it has been discovered that the all-natural essential oil blend helps to reduce inflammation and skin irritation which often causes breakouts, as well as help control breath odor and give an overall more pleasant mask-wearing experience.