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An all-natural spray to promote a cleaner, safer mask and to prevent breakouts and breath odor.

Mask Armour was developed to provide additional protection by coating the fibers of the mask with our proprietary combination of holistic plant extracts, essential oils and minerals. Additionally, Mask Armour helps to reduce skin irritation which causes breakouts and is an organic refresher to help combat breath odor while wearing a mask.

Ingredients: Mask Armour contains our proprietary blend of Sambucus Nigra, Cistus Incanus, Zinc Gluconate, Peppermint Oil, Rosehip Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea. 

2 oz. glass bottle | FREE SHIPPING
For hospital or wholesale orders over 10 bottles, click here to contact us

*Do not leave in car, store in cool room temperature. Not recommended for children under 12, or women who are pregnant or nursing. Tea Tree Oil in Mask Armour is not safe for use on dogs

with purchase of 3 or more bottles

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Lauren .
United States United States
Everyone needs Mask Armour!

Hands down one of the best products I’ve ever used. I have to wear a mask all day at work which was causing a lot of breakouts. This product helped clear my skin up so nicely! Not only does it smell amazing and help with breath odor, it helps keep my mask germ free. I love how all the ingredients are organic and natural! Definitely a must have product!

Paige .
United States United States

This stuff is a must have! Completely cleared up my maskne and smells so fresh!

United States United States
Love This Spray!

Mask Armour has been a great surprise. I wear a mask all day - mask armour smells fantastic, definitely helps avoid bad breath odor. I was getting acne on my chin and since using this I haven’t had any breakouts. In Buying several for gifts this Christmas!

United States United States
Best product out there!

I took this on a trip to Disney world. I accidentally forgot it in my bag the first day and I struggled wearing my mask for 9 plus hours with minimal breaks. (I have a medical condition which causes lung issues) The next 3 days were perfectly fine! We sprayed our masks through out the day and I had no issues breathing and it felt cooler inside the mask. My face didn't break out either! 3 of my friends that were on the trip ended up ordering because they loved it so much!

Maddi .
Canada Canada
Safe, quality, clean product

Mask armour is the perfect product to add to our everyday mask wearing lives! I am able to clean my mask safely and efficiently after my daily activities! It reduces waste of disposable masks and keep our reuse-able masks safe and free of viruses and bacteria! I LOVE this product!