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Yes, we’re talking “maskne” (mask acne). No matter how soft or breathable the fabric, many people struggle with skin irritation and acne after wearing a mask for a period of time. Whether the mask-life is new to you due to the CDC’s recommendations during the COVID 19 pandemic, or you are a healthcare worker who wears masks on a regular basis, masks can be unpleasant and leave your skin feeling irritated! 

So let’s talk about what causes maskne... 

Skin irritation is not only caused by the mask constantly rubbing against the skin, but also because moisture is trapped inside the mask which can cause breakouts and clogged pores. Bacteria can form in the contained moisture which can affect your skin and also the quality of air you are breathing. Immediately cleansing skin after removing the mask helps to prevent oil blockage and further irritation. 

Tips to prevent maskne and improve experience while wearing a mask 

Use only gentle skincare products 

It is important when the skin is already irritated to avoid harsh exfoliants and strong cleansers. Products like retinoids and acids should also be avoided if the skin is irritated. Using gentle cream-based skincare products will help soothe the skin and prevent further breakouts. For extreme irritation, Aquafor Healing Ointment can be used on the areas that the mask rubs against. 

Avoid heavy makeup 

It’s helpful to give your skin a break from heavy makeups like foundation and concealer while you are wearing a mask. As moisture is contained and your pores start to absorb bacteria, makeup will only further clog your pores and leave you more susceptible to breakouts. 

Use Mask Armour spray before placing your mask on 

When applied to surgical or facial masks, Mask Armour will cover the fibers of the mask with an all natural coating that will help promote more protection from airborne pathogens. Mask Armour is a proprietary blend of holistic compounds derived from herbal plant seed extracts, essential oils and the mineral zinc, each proven to help prevent breakouts and breath odor caused by wearing a mask for an extensive period of time.